YoHo Provides Emergency Relief to Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

  • 1 year ago

HONG KONG — YoHo, the voice social networking platform attached to a listed company, has sent its Chinese members of the Middle East team to the frontlines to offer condolences to its local agency manager, content creators, and users who have suffered from the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The YoHo team in Syria has provided emergency cash aid that can cover a week of living expenses to some of the content creators. In Turkey, more than 100 supply kits have been provided, including food, soap, vitamin tablets, sanitary napkins and other daily necessities.

In addition, the YoHo team has opened an official donation room on its voice social networking platform and set up a “donation box” account. Starting from February 8th to the next 2-3 months, the team plans to raise funds for 100 Syrian content creators who are facing difficulties each week, in order to help improve their lives directly. In Turkey, together with its huge user community, the YoHo team has also made every effort to provide more opportunities to find the lost victims of the earthquake. Through YoHo platform, users paid silent tribute to the death and destruction, prayed for all those affected by the earthquake and encouraged each other.

“Seeing so many people affected by the earthquake deeply saddens us. We express our deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones,” said the leader of YoHo Middle East team. “In one of our teams based in Egypt, there is such a partner whose hometown happens to be from Syria. And we made a special visit to her parents in Syria to offer our condolences and support.”

YoHo has always focused on corporate social responsibility and is committed to making positive contributions to charity and public welfare. In 2022, YoHo joined forces with other social networking platforms to hold public welfare activities during Ramadan in the MENA region. YoHo held a charity event for the 57357 Hospital on the platform and team members in charge of YoHo MENA presented and handed over the money raised by the event especially.

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