With groundbreaking loyalty programs: Dsquares supports GCC companies to keep their customers loyal

  • 2 years ago

Cairo, Egypt – Dsquares, a leading provider of loyalty and rewards solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), announced its future plans for growing its business and market share in Gulf countries during 2022, aiming to cement its presence in the Arabian Gulf.
Dsquares empowers businesses to acquire, maintain and boost the loyalty of their customers, and generate more revenues for our clients. Additionally, Dsquares has recently added data analysis and gamification to its wide range of services, and its newest gamification engine helps businesses create hyper-personalized experiences for consumers, by understanding purchasing habits, then tailoring programs to their preferred rewards, brands, thus optimizing consumer behavior.
Furthermore, Dsquares’ recent roadmap encompasses a set of innovative programs for corporate services, since it is a major partner of many Fortune 500 companies, namely Vodafone, Orange, Vodacom, Visa, MasterCard, ExxonMobil, PepsiCo, and P&G, in MEA region, reinforced by a strong network of local and international merchants.
Marwan Kenawy, Dsquares’ CEO, stated that his company entered the Gulf market and has witnessed exceptional achievements in developing and managing loyalty programs for its clients, given that the company bridges the gap between the corporates and the consumer. Dsquares operates over 70 loyalty programs for major companies, and more than 15,000 of the largest merchants in the region.
Kenawy also said: “Recently, Dsquares has redefined the concept of loyalty programs through its ambitious strategy, expertise, and competencies, and we invested in technology to develop loyalty programs and customer applications, and adopted new acquisition plans reaching the MEA and Europe.”
“We abide by a methodology that provides a variety of products, relevant to the needs of our distinctive cliental, while achieving complete privacy for each customer in line with their aspirations and needs. Our loyalty solutions range between technical, operational, and commercial, along with the provision of detailed reports on users’ purchasing habits, to reach the best possible service.” Kenawy added.
It is noteworthy that Dsquares started operating in 2012, and has branches in Egypt, UAE, KSA, Romania, Kenya, Jordan, and Tanzania. The company intends to expand its business during 2022 in the Gulf, African, and European markets. Moreover, in recognition of its pioneering role in the sector, Dsquares won the MEA Markets’ magazine award for “Best Loyalty Solution Provider in MEA”.

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