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Today, many of us live a hectic life where work occupies a large part of our day. This means that our laptops should not only have powerful performance but also be light to keep pace with on-the-go lifestyles. Keeping these needs in mind, LG Electronics has created the LG Gram, a series of ultralight and slim laptops. Designed to keep up with their ambitious user, the laptops are lightweight, sleek, and powerful with long battery life.

Easy to Carry

In today’s competitive world, work never stops. Portability is a key strength of laptops and LG more than delivers. Users can easily place an LG gram laptop in their bag and carry it with wherever they go. Its full magnesium-alloy body is not only ultra-slim but also ultra-portable. As a result, there is heavyweight power with a lightweight body. The LG gram 14”, for instance, is merely 2.2 pounds.

LG understands that laptops should not only boast a powerful performance and easy portability, but also, its sleek design. The LG Gram line-up has a minimalistic, clean design and svelte shape have both a professional and premium look.

Think Bigger, See Bigger

The more you see, the more you learn, write, and create. The LG Gram laptops offer features that allows users to stay at peak productivity. In comparison to other competing laptops that have a 16:09 display ratio, LG Gram features a 17-inch display and a 16:10 aspect ratio. This allows to see more information without scrolling which ensures users see their work exactly how it’s supposed to look with a clear and vivid colour expression.

Efficiency on the go

LG Electronics understands that productivity can only come with an intelligent setup. Designed to elevate comfort, and in turn productivity, LG Gram boasts the Up-Down Air Thermal Solution. Allowing for better performance for longer periods, the keyboard and touchpad are bigger and flatter. This allows for faster typing and a more comfortable experience.

Long Battery Life

Out and about when work calls but you are not carrying a charging cord or worse, cannot find a plug point? Well, with LG Gram, you can leave the charging cord all day long. Ranging from 19.5 hrs to 25.5 hrs of battery life, the high-capacity battery across the range delivers exceptionally reliable performance. Now, your work does not stop until you say so.

Powerful Processor

It is only fair that your laptop is as powerful as your ambitions. The powerful performance of the Intel Evo Platform, by the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor with Iris® Xe graphics, provides up to 1.2X CPU performance and up to 1.8X graphics performance than its predecessor. This provides users with a mind-blowing experience with high-resolution content creation and editing that meets professional requirements.

Additionally, providing users with stability, scalability, and security, LG Gram has a single Thunderbolt™ 4 port which offers dual 4K and single 8K display connection. Last but not the least, LG Gram also hosts productivity with transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps, next-gen interface support, and USB4 compatibility.

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