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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Raise the bar with a visually-stunning TV, that will take your viewing experience to another level. LG Electronics (LG) offers you the ultimate and advanced viewing experience that delivers exceptional picture quality and accurate colors, making it a lifelike occurrence, leaving you longing for your home after a blast holiday.

Entertainment Combined With Elegance
LG is keen on providing an advanced living experience to your homes, especially since it’s the place you spend most of your time at. LG TVs are made to match your desires and moods, whether you come home from a long day, a long vacation, or even a normal outing. LG OLED Evo TV is designed in a way that blends perfectly with your home interior, offering you both entertainment and elegance by looking like part of your wallpaper with a flat back, the ultra-thin display sits flush with the wall. Imagine owning a TV that could turn into a fancy piece of art worth hanging. Your eyes won’t be irritated as LG OLED Evo borders are practically undetectable. there’s nothing to block your view. Just sleek design and complete, uninterrupted immersion. Enjoy a blend of technological innovation and style with LG OLED Posé, a TV that becomes part of your style and your space. The beautiful back view looks stunning from different angles. LG OLED Posé TV comes in a calming beige cozy fabric finish, harmonizing and adding a stylish charm to your space. It’s not just a luxurious design to look at, LG OLED Posé is made for practical use in your day-to-day life. Its rounded edges are convenient to place the remote, and you can personalize the media shelf to show off your favorite books, magazines, and postcards.

A Cinematic Display at Your Own Home
The LG NanoCell TV offers you the best movie nights with a cinematic display. The Ultra large screen performs in a way that turns your home into the movie theatre you’ve been dreaming of.
LG NanoCell from LG Electronics has FILMMAKER MODE™ that turns off motion smoothing while preserving the original aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates. This accurately delivers the director’s original vision, so you experience the film the way they intended. Color purification brings everything you’re watching to a lifelike clarity and reveals every tiny detail while watching your favorite movies or shows. All of that is due to the HDR 10 Pro that LG Electronics owns.
The HDR 10 Pro adjusts brightness to enhance colors, offering you a more vivid, vibrant and
high-quality picture that will satisfy your eyes.

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