TIGGO 8 PRO MAX Will Be the First Model Launched by Chery When Entering the UAE Market

  • 1 year ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — On February 8, Chery executives held a live streaming with the core media outlets of UAE where they introduced Chery’s brand concept and overall strength, preparing to launch its latest model in the country.

According to Shen Xiantian, Chery’s regional manager for the Middle East, the company has developed seven core business sectors based on the automotive value chain. These include automobiles, auto parts, modern services, finance, smart networking, ships, and real estate. Chery has already established five R&D centers around the world with an R&D team of over 7,000 staff and over 14,000 authorized patents based on the development concept of “Establishing the Enterprise Based on Technology”, enabling Chery to surpass other century-old brands in the automobile industry.

Chery’s products have received annual awards in Brazil, Russia, Peru, Chile, and many other nations, demonstrating Chery’s business strength and market leadership with its products. Also in the Middle East, Chery has grown at a rapid pace in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other regions. In addition, Chery has won the gold award of ICQCC for 6 consecutive years with its leading and innovative manufacturing capacity as well as its advanced quality management system.

To achieve the corporate vision of a world-class brand, Chery has not only established 10 overseas production bases and 1,500 service outlets but also developed user operation by virtue of the “CR·EATE” system to realize co-creation with users. Additionally, Chery has guaranteed vehicle owners’ rights and promoted its brand reputation through the sponsorship of marathons and charity events.

In light of Chery’s extensive market research, Jimmy Sun, TIGGO 8’s Product Manager, announced that TIGGO 8 PRO MAX would be the first model launched by Chery in the high-end UAE market with the V-shaped development system. TIGGO 8 PRO MAX is a flagship model featuring Chery’s latest technologies including 2.0TGDI surging power and an industry-leading ADAS system, ensuring a luxurious ride and driving experience. As for TIGGO 8 PRO e+, the PHEV model, it will be launched at the same time to ensure that users in UAE will have more choices when choosing their mode of transportation.

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