The Coretec Group Presents Its Silicon-Anode Development Approach at National Battery Conference

  • 2 years ago

The Coretec Group, Inc., (OTCQB: CRTG), developers of engineered silicon, a lithium-ion battery with a silicon-anode, and 3D volumetric displays, is one of a select group of companies chosen to present at a two-day U.S. conference on accelerating the development of a domestic battery supply chain.

Dr. Michelle Tokarz, Vice President of Partnerships and Innovation, spoke about The Coretec Group’s development of a lithium-ion battery with a silicon anode. The Coretec Group is using the unique characteristics of cyclohexasilane and similar molecules to enhance the performance of silicon anodes. The Coretec Group’s approach is new to the industry and protected by the company’s recent application for a full utility patent. This development could greatly affect the electric-vehicle market.

The two-day virtual conference titled “Bridging the Gap: Advancing America’s Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chain,” drew more than 1,400 participants from across the country, with nearly half of those representing industry. The Coretec Group was selected to present from more than 100 applicants.

“The conference offered a tremendous opportunity to discuss The Coretec Group’s silicon-anode technology with potential partners as well as government and industry leaders,” CEO Matthew Kappers said. “We believe our approach is the key to unlocking the power of silicon anodes, which will extend the life of lithium-ion batteries for everything from mobile electronics to electric vehicles.”

Research has shown that silicon anodes have the capacity to hold 10 times the lithium of traditional graphite anodes. To date, however, attempts to unleash the power of silicon anodes have suffered from poor charge-and-recharge cycles and reduced battery lifespans. Put simply, scientists have yet to extract the full potential of silicon anodes. The Coretec Group believes its approach – engineering silicon nanoparticles to solve the problem – will realize the potential of silicon anodes to take lithium-ion battery performance to the next level.

“We’re developing a lithium-ion battery with a silicon anode to demonstrate the effects of our unique approach to the charge-and-recharge lifecycle issue,” Dr. Tokarz said. “This was a fantastic forum to discuss our approach and it was an honor to contribute to such a well-regarded group.”

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