The Coretec Group Files Full Utility Patent for Development of Advanced Silicon Anodes

  • 2 years ago

The Coretec Group, Inc., (OTCQB: CRTG), a developer of engineered silicon and 3D volumetric displays, has filed a full utility patent on its provisional patent for the development of advanced silicon anodes using cyclohexasilane (CHS) and other silanes.

The full-utility patent – filed February 24, 2022 – builds on a provisional patent filed a year earlier. This patent application covers the use of CHS to produce a wide variety of silicon anodes for use in lithium-ion batteries.

Filing the utility patent is a necessary step to formally protect The Coretec Group’s work on the battery initiative it embarked upon last year.

Next-generation lithium-ion batteries require high energy and power density, rapid charging, and long-term cycling stability. Industry is actively pursuing the use of silicon as an electrode material because of its natural abundance and its ability to store more lithium than conventionally used graphite.

“This patent provides us the necessary protection as we develop our battery,” said CEO Matthew Kappers. “Developing our own silicon anode is an essential component of our battery development. This initiative will explore the use of CHS to develop a battery with higher density and improved cycling stability.”

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