The Ajman 6th International Environment Conference addresses the issue of sustainability for future urban developments

  • 2 years ago

Ajman – Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Ruler of the Emirate of Ajman and member of the UAE Supreme Council, the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department is organizing the Ajman 6th International Environment Conference. Scheduled to take place from 28th to 29th of this March, at the Sheikh Zayed Convention and Exhibition Centre – this edition comes under the title: Towards 2071, to shape the future of environmental sustainability. The conference is divided into several topics, including the subject of sustainability standards in urban residential neighbourhoods among its main topics.

Engineer Khalid Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector at the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, said, “In light of the continuous and advanced urban renaissance we are witnessing, especially concerning future construction needs in urban cities, it is necessary to focus on sustainability standards. The issue of sustainability standards in new urban residential neighbourhoods will be one of the main themes in the Ajman 6th International Environment Conference, with the relationship between buildings and the local climate one of the important topics in the process of sustainability.”

Pointing out that to meet today’s diverse and complex needs, there must be awareness of the importance and value of modern planning, including the use, employment and application of the best and latest technologies, which contribute to understanding the issue of climate, building materials and development processes.

Al Hosani added that green spaces in cities and complexes are distinctly important and a necessity, both in terms of visual aesthetics, their functional environmental role, as well as social, which confirms the position of the sustainable green economy in the establishment of new cities. The issue of optimal consumption of water, where the process of building consumption exceeds 1.71% of drinking water, calls for rationalization in the consumption of drinking water. It highlights the need to search for other sources and determine strategies to reduce water consumption rates in the process of building and operating buildings, focusing on how to exploit non-potable water and collected water for uses related to human consumption.

Conference Objectives

The conference mainly seeks to achieve a set of goals, most notably: supporting sustainable development in the UAE and creating a road map to achieve carbon neutrality. It aims to bring together scientists, academic institutions, professionals and policymakers from a variety of international and national organisations, to exchange knowledge about creating a smart and sustainable environment. The conference aims to provide an update on the latest artificial intelligence techniques for sustainable development, and how this can help achieve the expectations of 2071, exploring the key factors and practices specifically for green energy and air quality. It intends to shape the future of sustainable cities and communities by preserving a long-term view of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its future form.

The conference will be attended by officials, researchers, specialists, academics, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and national organisations concerned with environmental issues. Other attendees will include environmental specialists from the energy sector, the oil and gas sector, manufacturing industries, municipalities, consulting and contracting companies, environmental agencies and the private sector, and university graduates who have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. Ministers, government officials, international experts and specialists will all discuss issues and titles, including how to use smart innovation in the future and consolidate it as a societal culture and as a national goal to shape a better future in environmental management, clean energy, and sustainable cities.

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