Tarjama launches first ever business-focussed Arabic Machine Translation

  • 2 years ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Tarjama, the pioneering language service provider in the MENA region has today launched its Arabic Machine Translation (AMT) website, Tarjama Translate, targeting businesses that need instant access to translation of business documents to extend their reach into the Arabic-speaking world or to get instant access to Arabic content.

Speaking about the launch, Tarjama’s CEO, Nour Al Hassan said, “At Tarjama, we know the Arabic language and business and its translation complexities better than anyone. We are thrilled to further our mission to overcome language barriers and be the gateway to the MENA market by providing our Arabic Machine Translation to Tarjama´s customers.”

Tarjama’s neural MT engine has been purpose-built for business, learns from the best, and is trained on high-quality translation data, that has been carefully selected and rigorously quality assured and engineered passionately, using the latest machine translation technologies.

This new standalone product, accessible at www.translate.tarjama.com, will allow enterprises and consumers to make use of AMT’s reliable, instant, automatic translations to unlock English or Arabic business content in e.g. the legal, financial, consulting, or healthcare domains.

Tarjama’s CPO, Dr. Rebecca Jonsson, explains the aim of the new Product “We want to allow other businesses to benefit from this best-in-class neural MT for Arabic business translations. It has never been this easy to get a good instant translation of your business documents from English to Arabic or vice-versa.”

Anyone can now benefit from Tarjama´s business-focussed neural MT by uploading documents in various formats such as Excel, Powerpoint, or HTML, to get instant and accurate translations while preserving the documents’ original formatting. Tarjama follows ISO 27001 standards and will make sure the data is kept secure.

Users can also request a post-editing of the document by professional human translators to further enhance the quality of translation if needed. Tarjama Translate has been built with the latest technologies to allow for a smooth, secure and delightful user experience.

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