Starting the new year with a smart home ecosystem from LG

  • 2 years ago

A new year calls for new beginnings. Working from home has become a lived reality with people balancing both job and home responsibilities. From creating a work space in the house to finding relaxation, this growing desire for seamless, connected, “work and play” home environment is here to stay. Luckily, tech industry giants like LG have been finding ways to make home life smarter, easier and more convenient. With the help of AI, LG ThinQ connects smart home through an ecosystem of integrated products, services and a custom-built app.

Easy Control

Simplify home life with the LG ThinQ app. Users can easily regulate and control smart home devices from anywhere. When requiring freshly laundered clothes for an important meeting, owners of LG washing machines need not worry. With AI as their personal assistant, a simple voice command or touch of a button can not only start the LG TWINWash Mini anytime, but also enables the control of its energy consumption in the home.

Personalized Performance

With voice-control and personalized performance, owners of LG appliances and electronics can get a lot more accomplished with minimal effort. LG ThinQ, with AI technology, learns the user’s lifestyle and habits to fulfil their individual needs. LG OLED TVs with ThinQ AI, for example, deliver a holistic, personalized viewing experience. With a simple voice command, users can search through their favourite actor’s entire filmography. The TV closely follows viewing habits to recommend the right shows and movies. LG OLED TVs with ThinQ AI can also detect the lighting in the home, changing screen brightness accordingly.

Proactive Care

An integrated home ecosystem is not only convenient but also offers a hassle-free maintenance of home devices. The LG ThinQ app offers smart diagnoses, screening potential issues which may occur with home appliances and providing useful information and usage tips to prolong their lifespans. This year, bring home the LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier. Not only does it clean the indoor air, it also keeps homeowners informed about the current dust levels in the house and provides suggestions on when to replace the filters.

Energy Efficiency

A smart home is a sustainable one. The LG ThinQ App enhances lifestyles by making them more eco-conscious and energy efficient. Take the example of the LG InstaView Refrigerator. Features such as Active Save analyze how often the refrigerator is used throughout the day and automatically switches from low to high power modes accordingly. Such breakthrough inclusion of AI technology in everyday life will help homeowners and renters find increased comfort. The more it is used, the more it grows with the user into the future.

LG understands that in today’s fast-paced world, there is increasing need for homes to become smarter, easier to maintain and more enjoyable. By constantly evolving to better meet these needs, LG’s ThinQ technology deploys intelligent features to take the stress of household chores, keep health and hygiene top of mind, and make entertaining a seamless experience for all.

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