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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Many people are deterred from going green by thinking that leading an eco-friendly lifestyle can be too much of a challenge. LG Electronics (LG) intends to break that stereotype and show that making greener choices does not have to be difficult as today’s smart home technology makes it easier than ever to go green at home. The LG’s smart home platform, LG ThinQ, offers an effortless way to reduce water and energy consumption while providing maximum convenience to improve day-to-day life.

Preventing Food Waste
Noting an environmental problem such as food waste, LG equipped the LG ThinQ app with food expiration date alerts. Preventing food from going to waste, LG ThinQ sends users handy smartphone notifications when fresh food stored in their fridge is getting close to expiring. For this, they only need to register the expiration date of food when putting it in the refrigerator.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency
LG ThinQ enables users to optimize energy efficiency of household appliances, helping them take control of energy consumption. With integrated AI technology, LG ThinQ smart features can analyze and learn users’ habits to adjust the power consumption of their home appliances based on the usage patterns – for instance, the refrigerator energy consumption is likely to be adjusted to the lowest level during the night when people use it less frequently. Moreover, LG ThinQ remote monitoring and control features allow users to minimize electricity usage by remotely checking the status of home appliances and turning them off when not in use. Giving users valuable insights into their energy-saving behavior, LG ThinQ will monitor and send notifications about their monthly home appliance usage and the amount of energy they saved.

Reducing Water Consumption
Helping users reduce water consumption when it comes to laundry, the LG ThinQ app offers a smart cycle-recommendation feature that suggests the optimal cycle for ensuring clean clothes without unnecessary water waste. After the LG washing machine with the Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD™) technology detects the weight and softness of the fabric being washed, the LG ThinQ app recommends the optimized washing pattern for each load that will deliver the best results for both your laundry and for the environment.

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