Shippeo Introduces Carbon Visibility and Brings Powerful New Features to Ocean and Road Visibility

  • 2 years ago

PARIS – Shippeo, a leading provider of global and multimodal shipment visibility, today announced new products and major platform enhancements, as part of their feature-packed 2022 Spring platform release. The updates focus on customer satisfaction, new innovations, performance, and meeting evolving market needs. A new CO2 emissions calculator provides critical information on carbon emissions and other greenhouse gasses from supply chain transport and distribution for shippers, logistics service providers and carriers. Container tracking using Shippeo’s Ocean Visibility solution is now faster and easier with a new user experience and powerful monitoring capabilities. In addition, timesaving usability enhancements, data quality improvements and ETA accuracy advancements are introduced for the company’s market-leading Road Visibility product. Finally with the migration to Google Cloud and Snowflake, significant performance and scalability upgrades are added to the Shippeo platform.

“Our latest Spring platform release is packed full of new features and capabilities for customers,” explains Anand Medepalli, Chief Product Officer at Shippeo, “including a completely new Carbon Visibility offering for accurately calculating CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions at the shipment level, as well as major enhancements to our Ocean and Road visibility solutions. We are evolving our platform to not only meet the needs of our customers today, but also to solve tomorrow’s supply chain problems. This is the first release in a new twice-yearly Spring and Autumn Shippeo platform release cycle, representing a shift to more regular and regimented platform updates. This reliability and momentum will help us to keep ahead and continue to offer the most innovative real-time visibility platform experience for users, more powerful capabilities to increase productivity, and higher data quality to improve ROI for our customers.”
Accurate, consolidated CO2 emissions monitoring for shippers and carriers
Carbon Visibility offers shippers and logistics service providers a consolidated view of CO2 emissions for upstream and downstream transport and distribution activities in one place, bringing a number of new capabilities to help companies monitor progress towards sustainability objectives.
Carriers also benefit from the new Carbon Visibility offering, allowing them to avoid the time consuming manual work that they are faced with today to calculate emissions on behalf of their clients. Carriers can now use Shippeo to instantly generate CO2 emission reports, which should allow them to more easily allocate CO2 emissions from a single vehicle to multiple customers in LTL/groupage scenarios based on their business rules.
The Shippeo Carbon calculator follows the GLEC framework and is compliant with EN 16258 and GHG protocol.
Advanced container tracking over ocean
Major enhancements to Ocean Visibility will help supply chain and transport managers track and manage container shipments more productively, with new features and a revamped user experience, including:
• More detailed container event information with new AIS-based milestones and precise geofencing
• A revamped order detail page displaying all relevant container tracking information
• Ability to identify deviations from status information provided by ocean carriers
• An updated global map providing a holistic view of ocean shipments, by vessel or individual container
• New filters making searching for containers easier
• Higher overall data quality with inputs from new data sources
Road tracking enhancements
Timesaving usability enhancements, data quality improvements and ETA accuracy advancements are introduced for Road Visibility, offering customers an even more powerful over-the-road shipment tracking solution.
• ETA accuracy improves 32% thanks to AI/ML algorithm advancements, upgraded Dataiku ML Ops platform infrastructure and data science methodology advancements
• Shuttle flow tracking enables better differentiation between shipments within multiple back-and-forth tours for more accurate departure and arrival times
• Quality Newsletters notify users of data tracking rates and provides steps for improving tracking quality
• Improved visibility and readability of information, with new tagged events and links between map and timeline views
Infrastructure improvements to boost data quality and user experience
Shippeo’s platform has been migrated to Google Cloud Platform in its entirety, representing a major improvement in infrastructure. The shift ensures significant scalability, performance and localization capabilities along with enhanced security for customers.
Alongside the platform feature additions and enhancements, Shippeo has also continued to double-down on higher data quality, an area in which the company consistently leads the market. Continued investment of significant capital into R&D aims to advance the platform’s AI/ML capabilities even further.
To that point, the data warehouse powering Shippeo Insights is now migrated to Snowflake, a state-of-the-art high-performance analytics database that has managed to reduce Shippeo dashboard loading times by 50% on average and up to 90% for large customers.

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