Seven Capitals launches their new venture on Burj Khalifa

  • 2 years ago

Dubai – The Financial investment industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Bolstering worldwide success, an Indian company is aiming to grow as tall as one of the world’s wonder – Burj Khalifa.
On February 11, 2022, 9:10 pm, the Burj Khalifa was painted gold with the logo of Seven Capitals. The event not just grabbed the attention of the attendees but also received an overwhelming response from the other spectators in the crowd.
The announcement of new venture of financial studies institute took place under the parent company “Seven Capitals”, the largest share market broker across the GCC and MENA region, owned by an Indian. The first campus will be operational in Kochi soon and the brand aims to widespread their institutions all over the Southern state of India— Kerala.

Speaking about the much-awaited launch of the new initiative, Mohammed Shaheen, CEO of the Seven Capitals, said: “The company aims to instill in students a sense of entitlement and safe investment, as well as to build a new career and to empower the younger generation. We are striving to introduce a new work culture with endless possibilities, ensuring a lifelong financial security with breakthrough knowledge of distinguished and unique financial market investment studies for both men and women regardless of their age .”
In addition to 500 guests from all over the world, the event gathered much appreciation from thousands of other spectators at the Burj Khalifa.

“As a brand Seven Capitals thrives on three qualities —- Honesty, transparency and Integrity. We have always put customers before profit and we continue to do so in future as well,” added Shaheen.

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