SEKOIA Showcases Cyber Leadership at GISEC 2022SEKOIA Showcases Cyber Leadership at GISEC 2022

  • 2 years ago

SEKOIA, a European cybersecurity company specializing in cyber threat Detection & Response, will for the first time be at GISEC 2022 (Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference) in Dubai, March 21–23.

The company will showcase France’s world-class cyber expertise with SEKOIA.IO XDR, its flagship Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform, besides its award-winning threat intelligence products.

Innovative, collaborative solutions for CTI management

At the heart of SEKOIA’s offering is its XDR solution which leverages cyber threat intelligence (CTI) to neutralize threats before impact. Thanks to its signature CTI feed & database, SEKOIA.IO ensures companies are ready to face cyberattacks with advanced threat knowledge, robust incident detection and response capabilities, and scalable deployments.

To provide customer organisations with bespoke threat intelligence capabilities, SEKOIA has developed SEKOIA.IO TIP. This disruptive Threat Intelligence Platform enables end-to-end management of the CTI value chain. Designed to achieve high-speed, high-yield, fully operational CTI production without compromising on quality, SEKOIA.IO TIP helps companies and communities of interest produce the intelligence no one else can provide.

“GISEC Global is the ideal place for us to showcase our latest product SEKOIA.IO TIP to future partners,” says David Bizeul, CTO. “Built on the same collaborative, community-driven DNA as all our solutions, it enables cyber ecosystems to generate and share specific, high value-added intelligence. Our goal at the event is to raise awareness of companies around the world about the need to share qualitative, intelligible information on threat detection and cyberdefence best practices.”

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