SAM Corporate Offers FICO’s Advanced Decision Science to Middle East and India

  • 2 months ago

Partnership will bring advanced decision management solutions to businesses in financial services and insurance

Analytics software provider FICO has partnered with SAM Corporate, one of the largest providers of fintech solutions in the Middle East, to bring advanced decisioning capabilities to businesses in India and the Middle East. SAM Corporate is developing solutions using FICO’s industry-leading decision management technology, omnichannel communication tools and mathematical optimization software to help businesses in financial services and insurance deliver razor-sharp personalization that improves profitability and the customer experience.

“FICO has the most matured and powerful decision science tools in the industry,” said Dr. Sunil Kumar K, co-founder and managing director of SAM Corporate. “We are fusing their global expertise with our deep understanding of local markets to provide Middle East and Indian firms with best-of-breed solutions for decision analytics. These include the critical function of customer communications in real time, through the customer’s preferred channel, to maximize customer interactions.”

“To compete today, businesses must make sharper decisions based on the exponentially larger sets of data available,” said Alexandre Graff, SVP of Global Partners & Alliances at FICO. “SAM Corporate has the expertise to help them use our technology to make better decisions a competitive edge. This is good for the businesses but also for consumers, who can experience faster decisions and hyper-personalized service.”

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