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Dubai, United Arab Emirates — In response to concerns about e-cigarettes and e-liquid ingredients rising from age-old misunderstandings about nicotine, RELX International, a leading multinational electronic cigarettes company, is re-emphasising its commitment to product quality and the use of safe, high-quality ingredients from the food industry in its e-liquid offerings.

There are dozens of widespread myths relating to smoking and quitting; one of the most common is that nicotine is the toxic ingredient in cigarettes that causes smoking-related diseases and deaths. This myth has unfortunately led many consumers to assume that because nicotine is present in e-liquids, e-cigarettes are as harmful as combustible cigarettes to their health.

In reality, an increasing number of health authorities are dispelling nicotine myths, endorsing e-cigarettes as a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes and recommend e-cigarettes as a powerful stop-smoking tool [1].

Moreover, a growing number of health authorities – including Australia’s NSW Health – state that nicotine, which is naturally produced in nature by the nightshade family of plants, isn’t actually harmful. The health authority instead points out that it is the other 7,000 toxins and chemicals in tobacco – which are the by-product of combustion – that are dangerous to human health, particularly tar and carbon monoxide [2].

Robert Naouss, External Affairs Director at RELX International, explained “RELX International is committed to producing high quality e-cigarette products that are a better alternative to combustible cigarettes. In line with this objective, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art facilities and scientific testing that sees each product go through 200 tests before it hits the market.

“Unfortunately, misunderstandings with regards to nicotine are keeping adult smokers from embracing e-cigarettes, which are being recommended by more and more health authorities as a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes – and a powerful tool that can help smokers reduce their consumption or quit smoking entirely. We are therefore eager to dispel these myths, while remaining committed to putting only quality products in the hands of adult smokers.”

As part of its commitment to quality and product reliability, RELX International pays close attention to the ingredients that make up its e-liquids; they comprise ingredients from the food industry including vegetable glycerine (used in baking) and propylene glycol (found in dairy products, bread, etc).

RELX International’s products also do not contain THC or vitamin E acetate, which are listed by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as potential causes of lung disease related to e-cigarette use.

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