Rasha Kelej Recognized for 4th Year Most Influential African Woman and Everyday Hero 2022 for Her Efforts as a Health and Girl Education Champion

  • 2 years ago

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation has been recognized, for the fourth year, as the “Most Influential African Woman and Everyday Hero 2022” by New Africa Woman Magazine, UK, to acknowledge her efforts for patient care transformation and Girl Education and her fight against infertility stigma and child marriage.

She expressed, “I am honored to receive this recognition. Thank you all for recognizing my efforts & commitment and also Merck Foundation’s commitment to increase the limited number of qualified and specialized doctors in Africa. And for your support for ‘Our Africa’ TV program to address wide range of critical social and health issues in Africa, which broadcasted on most of national TV stations in Africa and on our social media that has 5 million followers.”

Rasha Kelej has been successfully leading the Merck Foundation programs for the past 10 years and works closely with more than 20 African First Ladies as Ambassadors of Merck Foundation and Ministries of Health, Education, Information, Communication, Gender, Academia, Media and Art societies in 50 countries.

Through Merck Foundation, she has helped to break infertility stigma and transform patient care by providing more than 1470 scholarships to doctors from 50 countries, in 32 underserved medical specialties.

“This is a history in the making that makes us an important part of Africa’s legacy,” she added.

She strongly believes in girl education, therefore Merck Foundation provided scholarships to 100s of school girls to continue their education to reach their potentials.

She is currently hosting a pan-African TV program “Our Africa by Merck Foundation”, conceptualized and directed by her, to sensitize communities about sensitive social and health issues through science, fashion and art.

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