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Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Fans around the world have already started preparing for the upcoming football season to get the most out of the experience. Those of them who will host a party to enjoy the game at home will need plenty of delicious snacks to create the perfect setting for watching football, stepping away from usual chips and popcorn. To empower and inspire people to cook delicious and healthy food at home, LG Electronics (LG) in collaboration with toy manufacturer Playmobil has introduced Party Food Challenge #PartyfoodwithPlaymobil in the UAE, encouraging people to share their own easy and unique party food ideas.

Effortless Cooking
With the help of LG kitchen appliances, you will bring your party food ideas to life with no additional effort. LG NeoChef microwave is designed to reduce cooking time while making it easier to create tastier, healthier meals. Equipped with LG Smart Inverter technology, it cooks food more evenly and thoroughly, distributing heat uniformly with precise temperature controls. In addition, LG NeoChef heats food 1.6 times faster, making every dish taste better with less cooking time. Designed to strike the optimal balance between fast-cooking and healthy food, LG NeoChef provides dishes with 72% less oil and fat.

Extended Freshness
When it is time to store food that was left over after the party, LG offers LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ refrigerator that is designed to keep food fresh for longer. Keeping the cold air inside and reducing internal temperature fluctuations by eliminating the need to open the door to see what is inside, the refrigerator creates optimal conditions for fresher food and colder drinks. Additionally, LG InstaView Door-in-Door™ is equipped with the LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor that keeps food at the peak of freshness with less energy consumed.

To join the LG’s cooking challenge, take a photo or video of your favourite food for a party and post it on your own Instagram feed, accompanied by the hashtags #PartyfoodXplaymobil
(or #PartyfoodwithPlaymobil) #LGCookingChallenge #LGKitchen #LGPartyFood
#LGNeoChef #LG #LGبارتي_فود Don’t forget to follow @lifeisgood_kitchen on Instagram – there you can find a special AR filter created for this challenge and apply it to your content. Share your party food ideas by December 2nd, 2022 and get a chance to win LG NeoChef and unique dinnerware set for the perfect football watch party

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