OMNES Influencers announces it is opening the door to new strategic partnerships to represent it in regional and international markets

  • 2 years ago

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – OMNES Influencers, a joint venture between OMNES Media and Shams Media Services LLC (A Sharjah Media City subsidiary), announced that its opening the door for strategic partnerships to represent its business in regional and global markets. The aim is to enhance the platform’s presence in these markets, increase the number of content creators within its network and reach a broader segment of clients.

Fahed AlDeeb, CEO of OMNES Media, said: “This step comes within our strategic direction to be physically present in large markets and is aimed at the growing demand for the services of content creators and influencers. Our expansion plans are backed by in-depth research conducted on target markets such as North Africa, India, Europe and North America.”

AlDeeb stressed that attracting and including more influencers and content creators under the umbrella of the OMNES Influencers platform is a continuous process conducted regionally and globally. The platform provides space for clients to learn about content creators and influencers in various fields that benefit advertisers and influencers alike.

AlDeeb added: “OMNES Influencers has started discussions with several blue chip entities assessing avenues of cooperation and in line with the objectives of the expansion strategy. In addition, we will explore opportunities of working with local partners to develop a network of influencers and content creators, leveraging local expertise and reaching a wider audience.”

AlDeeb reiterates that, at this stage, OMNES Influencers works directly with content creators and influencers registered on the platform or through their agents with no charge to either. The service enables influencers to present themselves to the audience without requiring an intermediary while guaranteeing confidentiality and rights protection of both parties.

Registration to the OMNES Influencers platform is free of charge on and is available to influencers of all levels, disciplines, fields, locations and countries. Clients and advertisers benefit from an advances smart search engine to search, identify, engage, manage, pay content creators and receive reports through one platform. All campaigns and transactions overseen by the platform to ensure optimal implementation.

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