Novakid Launches ESL Universe Novakid Game World to Advance Gamification in Language Learning

  • 2 years ago

Novakid Game World is a new and innovative story-based learning environment with animated comic stories full of eye-catching characters, story-linked individual English lessons with a teacher, several mini-games and homework activities designed for students.

“Gamification embeds the learning in a deeper way and allows it to really sink in and become part of the child, rather than being something that’s theory stuck in their heads”, says Amy Krolevetskaya, Studies Director at Novakid.

The gamification technologies and storyline contain an immersive rewards system designed to increase student engagement and enhance incidental learning while linking the ESL learning and teaching tools together. The content of all elements of the educational game universe: comic stories, English lessons with a teacher, mini-games and homework activities is adapted to students’ needs and their level of key competences being developed.

Being a crucial element in the Novakid Game World universe, mini-games allow students to interact with the content and practice new knowledge in a playful way. Statistics show that children spend 4.5 lessons worth of time at Novakid a month playing mini-games on their own. According to the most recent data provided by Novakid, gamification applied to English teaching and learning does not impede learning, the failure rate is only 13%. On the other hand, earning points, achievements and awards actually stimulate the reward system of the brain and lead to better performance.

“The Novakid Magic Academy is the first virtual learning world within the Novakid Game World ESL universe. Over 15,000 students are already making the most of their lessons in the Novakid Game World on a daily basis. We are planning to launch new gamified virtual worlds to let each student choose the most interesting and engaging one for them”, comments CEO of Novakid Max Azarov.

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