Napier’s Multi-org Deployment Model Delivers Reduced Total Cost of Ownership for Regulated Organisations

  • 2 years ago

LONDON – Napier, provider of leading anti-financial crime compliance solutions, has announced a multi-org deployment capability for regulated firms looking to streamline and scale their financial crime risk management technology across multiple business entities.
Napier’s multi-organisation (multi-org) capability is a versatile approach to RegTech cloud deployment that offers firms the opportunity to deploy its technology across multiple geographies and business units in a single tenancy environment, while segregating and configuring the solution to best fit each business unit’s requirements.

The multi-org approach closes the last technical gap between optimal performance and the benefits of a single tenancy environment. It enables distinct risk management controls within each of a firm’s segregated business units which are aligned to their rigorous information security requirements and regulatory commitments. The provision builds upon system security as a priority, removing technological and operational risk by giving organisations full control to designate permissions, access data, and manage workflows within its business units.

This offers organisations a considerable reduction in total cost of ownership, as the capability allows firms to scale the deployment of Napier’s financial crime risk management technology with a more efficient approach, removing the requirement to implement a new single tenancy for each business unit.
Julian Dixon, founder and CEO at Napier, said: “In times where organisations are under pressure to rise to financial crime challenges against a backdrop of staggering inflation rates and rising costs, the ability to implement technology swiftly and effectively is key to operational success. We know the very real struggles that firms of all sizes are up against when it comes to balancing business and revenue objectives with meeting regulatory requirements.

“That’s why enabling them to scale capabilities across their depth and breadth without having to implement a new single tenancy for each business unit offers considerable reduction in total cost of ownership. We are thrilled to bring this capability to the market and have dedicated Napier’s best minds to developing

this new capability which we know will revolutionise the way our clients approach compliance.”
Napier’s latest innovation is beneficial to all regulated financial institutions who need certainty, clarity, and efficiency for financial crime risk management across multiple business entities and want to simultaneously reap the savings and security benefits of a single tenancy environment.

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