Mindbreeze and Integrated Digital Technologies to Partner in the Field of Intelligent Information Provision

  • 2 years ago

LINZ, Austria & DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Mindbreeze and Integrated Digital Technologies launched a strategic partnership in the field of intelligent knowledge management. Integrated Digital Technologies is a specialist in data analytics, artificial intelligence and data science, supporting customers in the implementation and introduction of advanced technologies with the aim of driving digital transformation.

As a highly efficient solution for the straightforward provision of business-relevant data, Mindbreeze ideally complements the Integrated Digital Technologies portfolio. The AI-based insight engine, Mindbreeze InSpire, uses a combination of traditional search methods and sophisticated approaches to data analysis to interpret enterprise information and provide answers to critical business questions.
Mindbreeze currently serves more than 2,000 of the world’s largest companies in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, public administration, aviation, and pharmaceuticals.

“Mindbreeze is a differentiated, innovative technology that enables our customers to extract data from archives and provide key insights to employees across different functional areas – taking into consideration defined layers of security and accessibility. The product capabilities and the strong technical support behind it, in addition to the rich use cases across various industries, allow our customers to confidently rank Mindbreeze as a leader in the field of intelligent knowledge management. It is beyond an Enterprise Search technology,” says Zuhair Barakat, the CEO of Integrated Digital Technologies LLC.
“With Integrated Digital Technologies, we have found a strong partner in the Arab region. Our products and solutions complement each other perfectly and bring companies clear value when it comes to the sustainable and efficient handling of big data and knowledge – regardless of the industry or company size,” explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.
About Integrated Digital Technologies

Headquartered in Dubai, Integrated Digital Technologies LLC (IDT) working with multiple clients across the Middle East and Africa. Specialised in digital transformation, big data & advanced analytics, process mining and in the field of intelligent Information Provision, Data Governance, Data Privacy and Protection, provide consulting services, advance technologies with proven records, ML, AI solutions and Post-Deployment Service Support Portfolio.

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