Main Killer on UAE Roads is DISTRACTED DRIVING – WHAT Distracts Motorists? Study

  • 2 months ago

Distracted Driving is the #1 mis-behavior leading to death (25% / 85 persons; MOI)
Behavior study unlocks the root causes for distraction
Danger of distracted driving is well understood
1 out of 5 motorists admit being distracted
Measures of countering distractions described
Mobile phone is the biggest source of distraction, but the majority sees a simple fix
Study commissioned by Al Wathba Insurance and RoadSafetyUAE, conducted by YouGov (n=1,001) in January 2024

According to the latest available data from UAE’s Ministry of Interior (MOI), distracted driving is the number one mis-behavior on UAE’s roads, leading to 85 fatalities (i.e. 25% of all road fatalities). The MOI numbers are from 2022 and the 2023 data are expected within the next months.

“Al Wathba Insurance teamed up with RoadSafetyUAE to analyze the extent and the root causes of distracted driving which is the main contributor to fatalities on our roads. The results and insights of this YouGov study will help stakeholders to work on initiatives aimed at addressing these very root causes. The study also analyzed the extent to which motorists are distracted, and the respondents’ perception of how to drive in a less distracted manner. Commissioning this study is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and we are certain that the proof points of our commitment will benefit the society.”, states Muralikrishnan Raman, Chief Finance and Operations Officer of Al Wathba Insurance.

“Motorists are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, but at the same time, a high percentage admits to drive in a distracted manner. Distractions stem from the driver’s own behavior, behavior of others in the car and from external factors. It is of utmost importance that motorists reflect on these sources of distraction and to overcome them, to benefit themselves, their passengers and other road users! The mobile phone comes on top of the list of distractions, but motorist define the simple ‘switch off or on silent’ as the remedy to fix their distractions. We call on all involved stakeholders to address their respective audiences, and in particular the eco-system of mobile operators and mobile phone brands, with their powerful consumer reach. Distracted driving is the main killer on our roads, and corporations, governmental bodies, the media, and the road users can help us make a difference!”, adds Thomas Edelmann, Founder and Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE.

90% of the respondents state that they think distracted driving is dangerous, the study conducted in January 2024 by YouGov with a representative sample of 1,001 UAE residents (n=1,001) shows.

Only 81% are always fully concentrated, which means that one out of five motorists around us does not pay full attention. This number even reaches a ratio of 1 out of 4 in certain segments, like with very young drivers in the age bracket from 19-24 years with only 77%, Arab Expats 74% and Westerners 76%. It goes without saying, that 100% of motorists need to be always fully concentrated while behind the wheel!

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