LG’s Smart TVs Bring Personalized Viewing Experience

  • 2 years ago

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Settling into the living room after a long day can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind. The television can act as the conduit to escape into a world of your choosing. With smart TVs, streaming apps, music playlists, and regular channels are all easily accessible to create a custom viewing experience. However, it’s important to have the right device to fully immerse in the latest features.
Watching TV at home has been taken to another level with LG Electronics (LG) a diverse range of televisions. An almost real-life experience that drives the senses to the actual scene. Pictures can be optimized according to the room’s brightness. Even during the day, notice the details once missed in dark, gritty dramas. Sounds are placed in their own space at your home, you’ll be hearing scenes from your favorite movies just as the director intended.

The Perfect Option for a Better Viewing Experience
Light up your world with a captivating LG OLED. Enter a new color dimension experience, from the darkest night scene to the brightest frames, as every hue within the 3D color space covers the television’s full luminance range. The massive cinematic experience from LG OLED emits a non-harmful amount of blue light and is Flicker Free certified by UL for removing screen flashes that cause eye strain, keeping your eyes fresh and safe. Not only that, but it also fits to be part of your home wallpaper as it comes with different designs, from rollable displays to sleek slim TV’s.

Bring Favorite Shows to Life
Whether you’re a fan of sports, games, or even cooking shows LG NanoCell TV’s Ultra Large Screen will make you experience your favorite TV shows, movies, and games as never before with a new level of immersion. LG NanoCell TV’s big screen is larger than ever thanks to its minimal bezel, Cinema Screen design. This makes the line between what you watch and your reality finer than ever to maximize your immersion and deliver a truly cinematic experience. LG NanoCell’s Nano technology provides accurate pure color in 4K and 8K across a variety of models on massive 75 and 86-inch screen sizes.

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