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Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Indoor air pollution is an enormous issue in developing countries, where individuals regularly burn fuels indoors for cooking and warming. The World Health Organization recently released a report that found 99 per cent of the population breathes polluted air. While pollution in all forms can be harmful, indoor air pollution is particularly pernicious because people are often steeped in it for long periods of time. Which is why the third annual International Day of Clean Air for blue skies (September 7) is crucial for raising awareness. Under the theme of ‘The Air We Share,’ the United Nations resolution focuses on the global impact of air pollution and the need for mutual accountability and collective measures.

Every person is capable of making a difference and doing their part. Within the home, practice conservation by shutting off lights and electronics when not in use and using appliances with high energy-efficiency ratings. Favoring fuels and technologies that reduce emissions and protect health are also important. LG Electronics (LG) offers a range of intelligent air conditioners and purifiers that can aid in providing cleaner air circulation that support global efforts.

360º Purification All Year Long
Air purifiers are one of the best ways to circulate clean are throughout the home. LG PuriCare™ Air Purifier Absorbs pollutants from all directions wherever it is installed and delivers clean air throughout the home. It makes 20% more powerful purification than the conventional product with the Axial-Centrifugal Fan & Guide Vane with Chevron Nozzle. LG PuriCare has a unique combination of fan and air purifier that delivers clean air as far as 7.5M. the Clean Booster rises and rotates to the right and left to deliver clean air to every corner, distributing all of the clean air throughout the entire room.

Get Fresher Air Everyday
For a more premium purifier solution, the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier gives users full clarity on indoor and outdoor air conditions through any smartphone. Consumers can check the indoor air pollution status in 4 colors with accurate sensors. This Air Purifier consists of UV LED & Smart Drying. Through Ultraviolet light, water in the bucket is sterilized before sprayed. When humidification is stopped, filters are dried to prevent viruses and bacteria, leaving indoor air fresh, pure, and clean.

Energy Efficient Anti-Noise Pollution
Older, outdated air conditioners can work against the home’s air quality. Investing in energy-efficient appliances with greater operational capabilities can not only promote better indoor air but reduce electricity bills. LG’s DUALCOOL Inverter Compressor™ operates with a significant reduction in vibration and noise transfer from the outside unit to the indoor unit as it works on eliminating unnecessary noise and allows for smooth operation. Moreover, Dual Inverter Compressor™ with power-saving operation range frequency saves more energy than a conventional compressor. Thanks to the Dual Inverter compressor, the air is expelled farther and faster. The Compressor speed of LG Dual Inverter Compressor™ is constantly adjusted and varied to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuation. It delivers cool clean air to every corner of the room, 4 way swing function blows the clean air quickly and efficiently in many directions.

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