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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — From stadiums to cinema screens, football fans are enjoying the world’s greatest sporting event. With such spectacular events, and the holiday season approaching, many businesses have faced the need to elevate the viewing experience beyond what consumers have become accustomed to. Striving to empower businesses to deliver the unparalleled movie-viewing experience, LG Electronics (LG) has introduced the LG LED Cinema Screen in the UAE. With lifelike imagery and remarkably accurate colour reproduction, the screen delivers a truly captivating cinema experience.

Another Dimension of Picture Quality

Designed to deliver an unmatched viewing experience, the LG LED Cinema Screen is composed of self-emissive LEDs that work independently. This allows the screen to deliver superior contrast ratio, enhanced brightness and vibrant, lifelike imagery without corner dimming or image distortion associated with conventional digital projectors. In addition, the LG LED Cinema screen can display variants with 24-bit colour processing, representing DCI-P3 colours as precisely as the movie directors intended.  

Immersive and Personalized Cinema Experience

With consistent brightness and brilliant image quality from corner to corner of the screen, the LG LED Cinema Screen enables viewers to fully immerse themselves in the 3D viewing experience, no matter where they are sitting. Additionally, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted based on the preferred setting, with five stages ranging from 48, 100, 130, 250 & 300 nits. This allows to personalize the movie-viewing experience, addressing the diverse needs of different audiences.

Easy Operation with Intuitive Software

Compatible with Dolby, the LG LED Cinema screen can be seamlessly and effortlessly integrated into movie theatres. Dolby IMS ensures a stable and professional content operation, while Dolby Atmos delivers immersive sound. Designed to be operated with no additional efforts, the LG LED Cinema screen is also equipped with a dedicated management software, allowing operators to control the screen at the touch of a button.

Local Availability

The LG LED Cinema Screen is already available in the Gulf countries in 3 dimensions (5, 10, 14 meters width).

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