LG Optimizes Comprehensive Maintenance with Dedicated True HVAC Solution Care

  • 8 months ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — LG Electronics(LG), a brand that is dedicated to providing the best for its enterprise customers, has put a spin on the maintenance and service of their HVAC solutions, making it more efficient and long-lasting. The multi-step process, complements the best solutions that LG provides for its customers, ensuring comfort, safety and health.

LG takes a multi-faceted approach towards the servicing and maintenance of HVAC solutions, all under the umbrella of LG Air Solution Care. This covers maintenance services such as inspection, cleaning, and component replacement as well as comprehensive system monitoring and control with LG BECON cloud and other convenient control systems.

The inspection process is essential to identify any underlying issues, and LG does this with utmost priority to provide standardized inspection services that result in actionable improvements to HVAC systems. Additionally, this includes regular check-up reports, feedback, and 24-hour monitoring to address the needs of customers. As each customer is unique, LG provides various service options, giving customers the choice to select the most suitable service option for their facilities at a cost that better suits their budget.

LG also provides a regular cleaning service, in order to remove debris or contaminants from panels and grills that will enhance the efficiency of filters to remove indoor pollutants such as fine dust from the air, resulting in a healthier and more pleasant indoor environment. The cleaning process includes high-pressure and high-temperature water cleaning with special deodorization coating along with cleaning services that maintain pleasant environments. Not only does this enhance performance and reduce the need for replacement, clean filters and heat exchangers prevent blockages, enhancing airflow and overall HVAC efficiency. However, part replacement is inevitable, and LG is committed to ensuring high-quality component replacements. LG uses sophisticated sensors and expertise to accurately determine when a component might need attention or replacement, further complemented by a global network of trained experts that each bring a wealth of HVAC knowledge tailored to their respective regions. Each part replaced is genuine and comes directly from dedicated warehouses and authorized dealers.

LG’s maintenance commitments step up a further level with the LG BECON cloud, a system that integrates seamlessly with LG HVAC equipment in any building and boasts an intuitive interface. The LG BECON cloud is designed with fast and effective service in mind, giving LG technicians access to your customers’ systems for remote site monitoring and diagnosis. The purpose of LG BECON cloud is to simplify energy management, which it does through smart remote control and monitoring to maintain a more comfortable and efficient environment. The service also provides engineers with a versatile platform for efficient remote monitoring and management of systems through easy connectivity and an open API, allowing for development and implementation of custom applications and controls. Through these tools, LG BECON cloud allows for efficient energy management, further optimized by intelligent algorithms that optimize HVAC system settings, ensuring peak performance with minimal energy expenditure. Additionally, the remote management capability also enables optimal system performance, ensuring energy is utilized effectively, thereby supporting financial and environmental sustainability.

While having exceptional energy and HVAC system is a marvel of its own, LG ensures that maintenance and service is also considered the same. All of these solutions are available with HI-M Solutek, LG’s locally authorized service provider.

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