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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — When it comes to the summer months, or even during the other months of the year, cooling solutions is a vital part of every facility. However, when it comes to picking a long-term solution, comfort and energy efficiency are key factors to consider, especially when different facilities have their own requirements. Keeping this in mind, LG Electronics (LG) offers a range of HVAC solutions from VRF and Single Package units to break that summer heat, targeted for business owners.

LG (VRF) Multi V 5
The LG Multi V 5 at its core, is an integrated solution for high rise buildings that uses advanced technologies for great cooling with maximum energy efficiency and minimal operating costs. Available in various capacities, this collection offers 3% more cooling, 10% more heating and 21% more seasonal efficiency than its previous models.

The range comes with a plethora of features that set it apart from the competition, such as its Dual Sensing Control, which senses both humidity and temperature for an overall economical and comfortable operation. This is supported by Smart Load Control, Comfort Cooling and Enhanced Heating, all of which ensure uninterrupted operations and comfort. Additionally, the overall air quality is also improved, with the Optimal High-Efficiency Air Quality solution which reacts to outdoor temperatures and CO2 levels for more efficient heating and cooling. It is also designed to provide better cooling, with fans enhancing air flow rate up to 10% with reduced power consumption along with improved heat transfers.

The LG Multi V 5 can be easily controlled, thanks to its Multi V-AHU Connection, with various control options including LG controllers or supplied DDC, which can contact both signal or Modbus protocols. The design of the LG Multi V 5 also allows for strong performance in corrosive environments and flexible installation, even with units that provide large capacity up to 26HP. These features make it a perfect solution for hospitals, education buildings, high rise office buildings, accommodations, apartments and airports.

LG Inverter Single Package
LG also has solutions for business facilities and their varying demands with the LG Inverter Single Package, which provides powerful cooling and heating features with maximum efficiency and convenient maintenance.

Boasting the world’s first 25RT Heat Pump, the LG Inverter Single Package provides unparalleled performance with improved energy efficiency while enhancing compressor durability and reliability with simple servicing. It can also detect the external surroundings and temperature, with the Dual Sensing Control which senses the humidity and temperature to adjust the output accordingly ensure a comfortable operation and maxed out energy efficiency. It is also easy to set up, use and maintain. For instance, with its Direct Drive Fan Motor, there are no additional adjustments or maintenance involved, while its lack of parts makes it easier to repair and service.

It also comes with easy air volume adjustment with the help of a simple remote control to change airflow, while the smart individual controller with flexible interlocking environment and energy management ensures easy access to its range of effective solutions. It also features Convertible Duct Connection, which allow easy installation and peak performance, while the Black fin and sliding type washable filter ensure long life.

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