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With the sweltering heat posing a considerable challenge for people in the region, finding effective cooling solutions that also prioritize indoor air quality has become essential. In Dubai, according to the World Real-Time Air Quality Index, the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups.[1] In response to this, keeping in mind the importance of fresh and healthy indoor air, LG Electronics (LG) showcases its latest range of air conditioners specifically engineered to combat scorching temperatures and provide powerful cooling performance, ensuring a refreshing and healthy indoor environment, no matter how extreme the summer conditions get.

At the forefront of LG’s 2023 air conditioner range, LG DUALCOOL sets a new standard for cooling efficiency and air quality. Operating even in temperatures up to 65°C, the air conditioner is equipped with Dual Inverter Compressor with a wider rotational frequency, ensuring constant adjustments to the compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels with minimal fluctuation. This results in 60% faster cooling, with air expelled farther and faster, and an impressive 65% energy savings, all while operating discreetly. With the 4-way swing function, the air is distributed in many directions, reaching every corner of the room.

LG’s DUALCOOL not only keeps the home cool but also creates a healthy indoor environment, serving as the first line of defense against bacteria and dust particles. Its Dual Protection Filter efficiently captures dust particles larger than 10µm in size, ensuring cleaner air circulation. The AC is also equipped with the Auto Cleaning feature that prevents forming of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger. Furthermore, the AC’s anti-corrosion Gold Fin Coating ensures extended durability, effectively safeguarding the unit against dust and sand.

LG DUALCOOL’s thoughtful design effortlessly complements any interior, simplifying installation and maintenance regardless of the surroundings. Moreover, with the smart display, users can conveniently monitor the AC’s status remotely, further enhancing the seamless experience of enjoying fresh and healthy indoor air.

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