LG Brings Resplendence To International Internet Day With Monitors Made For Netizens

  • 9 months ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — As our cybernaut customers celebrate the 24th International Internet Day, LG Electronics (LG) joins global netizens in acknowledging the significance of, what many consider to be, the world’s most important invention.

Having made its first connection on October 29, 1969, the internet – a collective evolution of technologies spanning decades, rather than a single invention – has become an integral part of our lives, connecting us to an ever-expanding digital world. LG is proud to commemorate this day and of how its products continue to evolve alongside the needs of internet users worldwide.

Among LG’s innovations that cater to the demands of a connected global population are its revolutionary UltraWide Monitors, designed to provide users with a bigger picture, whether they are gaming fast, working diligently, or studying intensively. With features such as up to 49-inches of curved dual QHD display and LG Nano IPS technology that supports a wide color spectrum, and an impressive 98% of DCI-P3 color gamut, these monitors offer outstanding vividness, creating an incredibly immersive viewing experience.

LG UltraFine monitors, too, boasting 8.3 million pixels, set a new standard for high definition, making them the ideal companions for internet-based TV streaming, providing the definition and detail needed to complement MacBook and MacBook Pro devices. With their stunning picture quality, they offer a flawless visual experience for navigating content.

When it comes to dividing your online-focus and attention, the award-winning LG DualUp Monitor takes the concept of productivity to the next level by offering double the screen for twice the experience. Its 16:18 aspect ratio SDQHD display – double the screen for twice the experience – enhances efficiency, making multitasking a breeze.

LG is dedicated to designing products that cater to the evolving needs of a connected global population. The internet has played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of LG’s product innovations and continue to leverage its capabilities to create cutting-edge solutions that enhance the lives of customers.

As technology continues to advance, LG remains dedicated to delivering innovative and technologically advanced products that meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, as the company, too, continues to evolve in line with its dynamic “Life’s Good” brand core values of ‘Uncompromised Customer Experience’, ‘Human-centered Innovation’, and ‘Warmth to Power a Smile’.

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