Leading Travel Marketplace WINGIE Expands Flight Booking Services to India

  • 2 months ago

WINGIE, the leading OTA in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (EMEACIS) region, announces its expansion into a new key market – India. This expansion marks a significant step for WINGIE, driven by the company’s success in the MENA region and its commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly flight booking experience for travelers across the globe. With the launch of a dedicated local platform for India, WINGIE will cater to the growing demand for online flight booking services in this dynamic Indian subcontinent market.

Building on MENA Success, WINGIE Brings User-Friendly Booking Experience to South Asia

New localized platform will provide a tailored experience for Indian users. Adapting to local culture and preferences, while displaying prices in local currency will simplify the process. WINGIE prioritizes user experience by offering readily available flight information and user-friendly booking. Additionally, personally curated flight options and airlines that are most popular with travelers in that region are readily available. WINGIE also offers several secure payment methods commonly used, streamlining the booking process for local users.

“Our venture into the Indian market is a strategic expansion that reflects our mission to make travel more intuitive and personalized,” said Çağlar Erol, CEO of WINGIE. “Our excitement is beyond just reaching new markets — by establishing localized platforms, we are not just facilitating flight bookings, we anticipate empowering individuals in this country to explore the world easily and confidently.”

About Wingie Enuygun Group

Wingie Enuygun Group is a popular travel marketplace in the MENA region focusing mainly on flights operating under wingie.com, sa.wingie.com, wingie.ae and enuygun.com domains. The company offers various products including flights, bus tickets, hotels, and rental cars. Wingie Enuygun Group has been one of the most innovative players in the MENA online travel space, to pioneer technological developments and lead the transformation of the travel industry with the approach of thinking digitally. Wingie.com is a leading flight booking platform with its inclusion in the development of virtual interlining for flights, offering a diverse range of airline tickets and other travel content to enhance the user experience by providing the best options.

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