Leading Flight Booking Platform Wingie.com Hits 178 Countries

  • 2 years ago

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – In line with forecasts, the air travel industry has surpassed pre-pandemic flight sales. A report on Travel 2022: Trends & Transitions by the Mastercard Economics Institute notes that flights have risen above 2019 levels for the first time, finding that global bookings for leisure travel in April were 25% higher than pre-pandemic levels. The strong recovery was also in evidence in figures released for the first four months of this year by IATA-accredited flight booking platform Wingie.com. Since the beginning of the year Wingie.com has received visitors from 178 countries with conversions to tickets sold from users in 136 countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia to Canada, China to New Zealand.
Commercial Director Orkun Ozkan commented, “I’m confident that the travel industry is back to normal. Sales on our platform in the first four months of the year have increased five-fold year-over-year.”
The three purchased destination cities were Jeddah, Riyadh and Cairo
Wingie.com published data on cities for which it sold the most tickets for the period between January and April 2022 in order of popularity with Jeddah, Riyadh and Cairo sharing the top spot, followed by Dubai and Istanbul. Ozkan noted that Wingie.com had performed exceptionally to reach a new high of 178 countries, adding, “Users from 136 countries were able to take advantage of Wingie.com’s advantageous prices and routes. Our data also reveals that an average basket amount is US$ 330 and that 3 out of every 5 visitors use our platform to buy international flights.”
The cheapest ticket was purchased for US$ 8.52
Observing that the cheapest ticket sold on the platform in the period was for a flight between Latvia and Finland, Ozkan concluded, “Our smart transfer solution LogiConnect provides customers with transfer options at discounted prices that airlines do not usually offer. We are working on flight alternatives for local needs in the countries we service. By providing transfers that best suit the needs of different countries citizens, we are advancing steadily in our goal of becoming one of the five largest travel platforms globally by 2028.”

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