Keep Your LG Cooling System in Tip-Top Shape with Some End-Of-Year Care

  • 7 months ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — There’s no worse reminder to get than a one that comes too late. Such as a smoke alarm that needed new batteries, or a car that wants for brake fluid. Prevention is, simply, always better than a cure. It’s a lesson LG Electronics (LG) calls to mind towards the end of the year, when annual maintenance will keep your air conditioning (AC) unit performing at its best long before you need it most.

LG ACs are built to last and deal with some of the toughest climates, and its inverter tropical split ACs for desert climate are where style and technology come together. With LG’s DUAL Invertor Compressor, products like the 3 Ton LG DUALCOOL Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Inverter, not only save around 65% in energy, and cools your home as much as 60% faster than conventional ACs, but also works in extreme temperatures of up to 65℃. It also boasts a comfort sleep mode with indirect air flow, timer, and soft wind, and includes Gold Fin™corrosion resistance for enhanced durability.

ThinQ Air Conditioners can make any house the smartest on the block, with a smart app offering easy access to control the unit from anywhere with a Wi-Fi equipped device, even if you’re not home and forgot to turn it off before rushing out the door. Crucially for maintenance and upkeep, if you’re misusing your device, or a malfunction repair is needed, ThinQ lets you know the appropriate solutions before a problem occurs.

As soon as your AC unit is registered on the Smart ThinQ app, it automatically runs a diagnostic check to make sure it was installed properly, effectively ensuring it’s smart enough look after itself. The app also provides a full report of your daily and weekly usage with an analysis of the power consumption, learning your routines, and proposes suggestions that improve your day-to-day life.

LG air conditioning systems are not only eco-friendly with advanced features and thoughtful designs, they’re also engineered to help you breathe easier in the home, with allergy reduction technologies, and built-in HEPA (high-efficiency particle air) filters capturing and containing dust and dirt particles, ensuring you and your guests can always be comfortable. 

Technology alone, however, can only go so far in prolonging the life of even a smart unit. Regular maintenance not only extends the high level of performance from your air conditioning unit, but boasts numerous other benefits, from ensuring maximum energy efficiency to improved comfort levels. Just follow these simple instructions to keep your AC in tip-top shape:

Clean the area around the cooling unit: Dust or debris around the unit can lead to filter clogging and other damages. Keeping the area around the AC units clean ensures that it works efficiently and has a longer lifetime.           

Pay attention to ductwork: With time, unclean and unmaintained ductwork can cause many unwanted inconveniences for homeowners, including fluctuating temperatures, humidity, high consumption bills and musty odors. Additionally, any leaks in the unit’s ductwork will take a toll on the unit’s performance. If these issues arise, get them checked and cleaned by a specialist as soon as possible.

Get professional annual AC maintenance services: The best tip to prevent any severe damage in the unit is to commit to annual and perhaps even semi-annual maintenance checks.

Change air filters regularly: A very effective way to keep your AC unit in the best condition and indoor air quality high, is changing the air filters when needed as per manufacturer recommendations.

Bi-monthly washing: For clean wind and strong performance, the filter needs to be cleaned every two weeks. Wash the filter with lukewarm water or use a neutral detergent for more stubborn dirt. After washing with water, dry the filter in the shade away from direct sunlight. You can use Auto Cleaning function for more convenient air conditioning management that automatically dries the AC interior when you turn it off.

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