Johnson’s Baby launches Baby Expo!

  • 2 years ago

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Johnson’s Baby is launching its first Baby Expo – a unique online event that will provide parents with holistic baby care knowledge, information and insights all related to newborn babies and young kids. The event will be live for two weeks between 14 and 25 November.

The platform will provide busy parents an opportunity to network with other mothers and fathers, as well as doctors, influencers and experienced content creators. Baby Expo will showcase eight online pavilions, spanning a range of topics including skin care, natural ingredients, nutrition, parenting tips, as well as advice on how to balance work and family life. The event will also showcase a magic show to provide entertainment and fun for parents and babies alike!

Parents can unleash their competitive side and take part in thrilling games and experiences, while exploring the interactive spaces across the platform. They will be able to attend exciting, live educational workshops and debates hosted by doctors that will appeal to everyone.

Rochelle Barreto, Johnson & Johnson, Essential Health Marketing Director for AMET commented: “We are really excited to be launching Baby Expo and give busy parents an all-encompassing platform with access to world-class practitioners and other new parents to learn from. They will find all the answers to their questions and queries on how to look after babies in the modern day. Baby Expo is on demand – so parents can join whenever suits them and gain knowledge at a time that is convenient during their nonstop lives. We look forward to welcoming parents from across the region and collectively learn the latest insights on baby care and wellness – all from the comfort of our own homes and workplaces.”

.Parents can access this free to enter unique platform and learn fascinating facts that will elevate their baby’s skincare routine. It can be accessed from any device, whenever and wherever they desire. Parents can sign up today for Baby Expo.

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