Italian mattress brand Mollyflex opens first branch in the UAE

  • 2 years ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Mollyflex, a brand that has over 40 years of experience in the art and science of promoting restful sleep through innovative products, has recently opened its first branch in Dubai. Its 5,500 sq. ft showroom is located in Al Safa Dubai, in Sunrise Building at Sheikh Zayed Road, and displays a wide range of mattresses and pillows specifically designed to reduce stress, induce deep sleep, and resolve spinal problems.

The company has deep Italian roots. Its innovative products are sourced, designed, and manufactured in the European country using the highest quality materials. For over four decades, Mollyflex’s products have successfully combined beauty and comfort. Mollyflex has multiple product lines that are suitable for various settings and industries including homes, the hospitality sector, healthcare, etc.

Mollyflex’s move to open a Dubai branch, yet again, emphasizes the importance of the UAE as an attractive destination for international brands. It also falls in line with Mollyflex’s plans to expand its market share by entering new territories.

Daniele Pennacchi and his sister Anna Pennacchi, Mollyflex co-founders, expressed their happiness at the opening of their first showroom in the UAE. This, they believe, will become a turning point in the company’s evolution and bring it closer to its customers in the region. The brand chose UAE as the perfect place for expansion due to their products’ appeal in the region.

On the occasion, Louay Aksh and Hussam Espir the General Managers of Royal Zone Furniture Company and Mollyflex partner brand in the UAE mentioned that “Mollyflex products will constitute an important addition to the local furniture market, particularly the more niched-down health-improving sleeping products segment of the market. The company is looking forward to maximizing the opportunities provided by the rapidly growing UAE market and has aggressive plans to open more branches in the future.”

This move becomes even more relevant in the wake of the policy changes introduced by the government recently. These changes are expected to attract more families and investors to the country and contribute to an increase in demand for furniture, especially for products designed by high-end international brands.

Founded in the city of Gedi, Brescia, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, Mollyflex is owned and run by the Benacci family. The company maintains the well-known values of leading Italian brands and provides high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products. Its 10,000 sq. ft factory produces more than 1,000 mattresses a day and the Mollyflex team is continuously experimenting with new and latest technologies to make premium products.

Apart from paying attention to the external appearance of its products, Mollyflex focuses on selecting the best raw materials to provide certified high-quality mattresses that best respond to the unique needs of each customer by ensuring comfortable and deeply restful sleep.

Mollyflex emphasis is on providing customers with the best value for money. Its products are accompanied by certificates that reflect its commitment to technical and health standards and signify the brand’s reliability.

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