IonQ Announces Agreement with the United Arab Emirates Quantum Research Center – Technology Innovation Institute

  • 1 year ago

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — IonQ (NYSE: IONQ), an industry leader in quantum computing, today announced a new agreement with Abu Dhabi’s Quantum Research Center – Technology Innovation Institute (QRC-TII) in the United Arab Emirates. The agreement will provide QRC-TII with access to IonQ’s industry-leading Aria quantum computer, enabling the testing and execution of quantum algorithms.

“We are pleased to provide the Technology Innovation Institute with access to what we believe is the world’s most powerful, commercially available quantum computer, as they look to develop quantum algorithms to tackle today’s most complex problems,” said Peter Chapman, CEO & President of IonQ. “Interest in quantum computing has grown throughout the region these last few years, and IonQ is proud to be recognized as a leading driver of quantum hardware innovation and accessibility.”

In recent years, the UAE government has allocated millions of dollars to support the QRC-TII and advance the country’s burgeoning quantum computing industry. Consisting of a wide array of the world’s leading scientists, researchers, and engineers, the institute focuses its attention on creating better quantum algorithms on commercially available quantum systems. Today’s announcement furthers QRC-TII’s efforts for developing, benchmarking, and optimizing novel quantum algorithms as well as quantum device characterization and quantum error mitigation techniques.

“Access to IonQ Aria will provide QRC-TII developers the opportunity to test and optimize novel quantum-enhanced algorithms for computational challenges. These complex problems range from heuristic variational quantum circuits for optimization problems, to prototype implementations of rigorous quantum algorithms for matrix arithmetics and quantum simulation,” said Prof. José Ignacio Latorre, Chief Researcher, QRC-TII. “Additionally, users can more easily explore quantum device characterization and error mitigation techniques, potentially leading to more accurate algorithms.”

IonQ’s agreement with QRC-TII in the UAE is the latest in a string of international developments for IonQ in recent months. In January of this year, IonQ acquired Canadian-based startup Entangled Networks for its quantum networking expertise, opening its first office in Canada. The move closely followed the establishment of two international business entities in Germany and Israel last year, making IonQ’s world-class systems accessible to a range of European companies, states, and governments.

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