Hamilton Reserve Bank Accepts 70 Deposit Currencies, Expanding Staff, Offices Worldwide In 2024

  • 5 months ago

Hamilton Reserve Bank, the award-winning hometown bank of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton, and the largest global bank headquartered in the Caribbean region announces today that the Bank has significantly expanded its customer deposit base by accepting 70 different currencies as client deposits, including all of the world’s major currencies.

70 Deposit Currencies, Clients From 150 Countries

Hamilton Reserve Bank currently serves a large and rapidly expanding clientele from more than 150 countries offering fast, safe, and reliable private banking services in total privacy. About 60% of bank customers are businesses and 40% are individuals. Powered by Temenos, the world’s largest banking software provider, Hamilton Reserve Bank enables fast customer onboarding 100% online in 20 minutes.

Hamilton Reserve Bank’s customer deposits include 15 direct-held currencies without FX conversion: USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, CNY, AED, MXN, DKK, NZD, SEK, JPY, SGD, HKD, CAD, CHF. Fifty other currencies are automatically converted into USD and credited to customer accounts.

Form New Entities Plus Open New Bank Accounts In One Day

Hamilton Reserve Bank has a global staff from 13 countries, speaking 15 different languages. Hamilton Reserve Bank also specializes in asset protection for large family offices as their global custodian bank by Forming New Entities plus Opening New Bank Accounts in one day via its 30-year-old registered agent and trust company affiliate, AAA Global Incorporation & Trust.

Ghassan Nasr, CEO, International Markets of Hamilton Reserve Bank commented: “What makes Hamilton Reserve Bank so successful as the primary local bank for our worldwide clients is quite simple: total privacy, fast banking transactions, and best hassle-free private banking services. These 70+ deposit currencies have well-positioned Hamilton Reserve Bank as the ‘local global bank’ for many clients. We look forward to expanding our office presence around the world in 2024 supporting clients’ successes.”

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