Gradiant Launches CURE Chemicals for the World’s Essential Industries

  • 2 months ago

Gradiant, a global solutions provider for advanced water and wastewater treatment, announced today the launch of CURE Chemicals. Continuing Gradiant’s track record of innovation and commercialization, CURE Chemicals will set new benchmarks in environmental sustainability and operational efficiency for the world’s essential industries.

The CURE Chemicals product line includes over 300 proprietary formulations for corrosion and scale inhibitors, process chemicals, biocides, antiscalants & cleaners, and coagulants & flocculants. These products are engineered to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of water treatment processes while minimizing their environmental footprint.

“The launch of CURE Chemicals represents a major milestone for Gradiant as we expand our portfolio to include specialty chemicals that complement our end-to-end water solutions capabilities,” said Prakash Govindan, COO of Gradiant. “We are now the water industry’s only complete, site-wide portfolio providing bespoke design, proprietary equipment, O&M services, and specialty chemicals uniquely positioned to deliver whole-system expertise complemented by SmartOps AI for accurate, intelligent operation.”

CURE is developed via cutting-edge research combined with operational feedback tailored to meet the demanding requirements of industries ranging from semiconductors to renewables, mining to energy, and food & beverage to pharmaceuticals. “We are excited to bring these chemical solutions to the global market, which not only perform better than incumbents but also adhere to the highest standards of safety and sustainability, all at compelling value to our clients,” said Vipan Kalia, Head of Chemicals at Gradiant.

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