Ghobash Group brings Finland’s acclaimed HEI Schools to the UAE

  • 1 month ago
Ghobash Group

Collaboration set to deliver new and innovative Early Childhood Education model to the region

Elevating the benchmarks for Early Childhood Education in the UAE, Ghobash Group has announced a strategic exclusive partnership with HEI Schools (Helsinki International Schools), the award-winning research-based Early Childhood Education model from Finland designed for ages 0-6 years. This venture signifies the Group’s strategic move towards sectors that offer substantial societal value, marking a new chapter in its commitment to contributing positively to the community and stakeholders alike. Finland has stood out on the global academic stage for its pioneering perspectives on Early Childhood Education and has received numerous international accolades. With centres operating worldwide, HEI Schools develops a research-based approach through its ongoing collaboration with The University of Helsinki, one of its founding partners, ensuring that its curriculum is continually enriched with the latest in educational research, learning philosophies, models, and practices.

Speaking about the development, Inkeri Aimonen, Chief Executive Officer of HEI Schools stated that “Designed to deliver a clear difference, our research-based methodology is a child-centred approach and focuses on the holistic development of children be it social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth, as well as their character, with a curriculum that encourages them to exercise the type of curiosity and creativity that enables future adults to thrive. We are excited to be partnering with Ghobash Group to effectively deliver the globally acclaimed Finnish Early Childhood Education model to the UAE market, where we hope to shape many successful young global citizens”. The award-winning curriculum is brought to life by rigorous and continuous training by mentors from Finland, ensuring excellence in delivery in the UAE.

The upcoming launch of HEI UAE Early Learning Centres perfectly supports the UAE’s “We the UAE” advanced and integrated social empowerment model, aimed at unleashing the potential of young learners by leveraging an education system that instils moral values and enriches knowledge throughout all life stages. Elaborating further on the mandate and how HEI UAE Early Learning Centres represent a significant advancement, incorporating a research-based, holistic approach that not only enriches the Early Childhood Education ecosystem in the country but also promises to yield positive effects on the broader society, Rashid Ghobash, Managing Director of Ghobash Group stated that: “We know today that by nurturing the skills and behaviour of children in their early years of life and by enabling an environment that produces pioneering, knowledgeable and skilled minds who are able to design and seize the future, we can contribute to building ever more solid foundations for the UAE’s human capital base”. Ghobash Group is set to open multiple HEI Early Learning Centres in the UAE. This expansion underscores the Group’s commitment to enhancing Early Childhood Education and contributing to the development of the nation’s future leaders.

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