Farcana Announces Gateway: Showdown – Playtest Kicks Off April 30th, with a 1,000,000 $FAR token prize pool!

  • 2 months ago

Farcana, a highly anticipated competitive, team-based hero shooter, announces Gateway: Showdown, a public playtest event taking place from April 30th to May 4th, 2024. This playtest serves as a crucial opportunity for Farcana to gather valuable player feedback, showcase the latest iteration of the game before its official launch and offer players a chance to claim a portion of the 1,000,000 $FAR token prize pool.

Gateway: Showdown welcomes all aspiring heroes with a signup process designed for ease and accessibility. Players can visit the official Farcana website at https://www.farcana.com to download the game client, create an account, and be automatically enrolled in the playtest. Every match played during the event will contribute to their final ranking. Participants can range from individual players to squads of up to four members.

Gateway: Showdown goes beyond traditional kill-based competition, with a brand-new game mode: Escort. The attacking team will attempt to push the payload to the defending team’s spawn while the defenders try to stop them in their tracks. Additionally, players will embark on a series of missions throughout the event, encouraging diverse playstyles and rewarding strategic contributions. Completing missions grants Particles, an in-game resource that serves as the primary metric for tracking player progress and determining rank.

Every player begins Gateway: Showdown unranked. Through exceptional performance and by accumulating Particles, players can steadily climb the leaderboard, aiming to win a share of the impressive 1,000,000 $FAR token prize pool.

Anticipating Gateway: Showdown playtest, Farcana’s website and game platform have a new look, offering a streamlined and visually appealing user experience. Players can look forward to a smooth and intuitive interface as they delve into the world of Farcana.

For more information and to register for the Gateway: Showdown playtest, please visit https://www.farcana.com. Farcana looks forward to welcoming players to the vibrant arenas of Mars and shaping the future of competitive hero shooting together.

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