EU’s ‘Organic Journey’ Sparks Dubai’s Culinary Passion and Immersive Experiences

  • 7 months ago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — A captivating array of promotional events unfolded across 10 strategic sales locations in Dubai, spanning from December 7 to December 12, 2023. These events marked a significant stride in the implementation of the EU-financed campaign, aptly named the “Organic Journey.”

Within the ambit of these engaging activities, consumers were not only treated to an immersive experience but also provided with invaluable informational materials. Brochures detailing the nuances of the EU-financed campaign, “Organic Journey,” were disseminated, allowing patrons to delve deeper into the facets of European food safety. The spotlight shone brightly on premium quality production standards, elucidating the unique aroma and delightful flavor that characterizes European organic products.

As a testament to the commitment to consumer satisfaction, attendees were also bestowed with the privilege of indulging in free samples. This gastronomic journey allowed them to savor the exquisite offerings of organic products hailing from the verdant landscapes of Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria. In essence, these promotions not only showcased the richness of European organic produce but also served as an educational platform, fostering an appreciation for the meticulous standards and delectable essence encapsulated in each product. The promoted products were Socrates olive oil and Stylis Olives from Greece and Bio Carpathia Cheese from Romania.

The EU Financed campaign EU Organic Journey aims to promote and increase the awareness regarding the European organic products from Greece, Romania and Bulgaria to consumers in UAE, Saudi Arabia and USA with the participation of the organizations Agrodiatrofiki Sympraxi Perifereias Stereas Elladas (ASPSE) from Greece, Bio Carpathia Cooperative from Romania and National Organic Association (NAO)from Bulgaria.

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