“EU ORGANIC DEAL Promotes Sustainable European Organic Products in UK and UAE Market

  • 12 months ago

The EU financed campaign “EU ORGANIC DEAL” seeks to raise awareness and promote the unique qualities and advantages of European organic products from Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece to consumers in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. People will have the opportunity to experience a variety of organic products, including fruit juices such as cherry, berries, apple, and grapes, along with organic olive oil, sunflower oil, coffee, cheese, and tea. These goods are produced using sustainable and organic farming practices, guaranteeing the highest quality and purity.

The participant organizations in the program are The Bulgarian National Horticultural Union (BNHU), The Association of O.perators in Organic Farming Bio-Romania and the Union of Hellenic Chambers (UHC).

The Bulgarian National Horticultural Union (BNHU), coordinator of the program, is established in May 2003 as a non-profit organization, primarily comprising major producers of traditional and non-traditional Bulgarian fruits, vegetables, and a mass producer of Bulgarian organic cherry juice. One of the main goals of the Union is to promote export growth and enhance the competitiveness of Bulgarian fruits, vegetables, and flowers in international markets.

Secondly, The Association of Operators in Organic Farming Bio-Romania is a Romanian non-profit, non-governmental, and independent legal entity founded in September 2008 through the merger of 18 founding members. This association advocates for the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas in Romania, focusing on educating, informing, and raising consumer awareness about the benefits of organic farming for human health and the environment. They actively promote the consumption of certified organic food.

The Union of Hellenic Chambers (UHC) consists of 59 Hellenic Chambers and serves as an advisory body to the state on matters of economy and growth in general. It represents and provides services to the Hellenic Chambers both domestically and internationally. All 59 Hellenic Chambers have equal participation in the UHC, representing the entirety of Greece’s business world, which encompasses approximately 900 thousand entities in commerce, industry, crafts, and professions.

The ‘EU ORGANIC DEAL’ program is dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices as part of the European Green Deal, the primary focus of this initiative. The program supports local farmers and producers while encouraging the adoption of environmentally-friendly farming techniques. The second focus is the commitment of all EU Member States to ensure food quality through determined legislative frameworks.

Organic deal, grown organically by mother nature. Enjoy, it’s from Europe!

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