Epazz Introduces Affordable Metaverse Solution for Businesses, Governments and Healthcare

  • 2 years ago

Epazz Inc. a mission-critical provider of metaverse solutions, blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps and cloud-based business software solutions, announced today that its flagship software technology, DeskFlex desk booking software, will introduce Metaverse Virtual Office with low-cost VR headsets for under $100.00, updated software apps, and complementary hardware solutions.

Epazz is developing a Virtual Reality Smart Glasses technology called Epazz Slims for under $100.00, so every worker can enter into the Metaverse. Currently similar equipment is offered at much higher prices making it unaffordable for most employees. Epazz Slims will allow team members to experience a complete sensory involvement of the virtual reality and augmented reality office meeting or conference. The solution will be releasing this year during the summertime.

Epazz will use multiple webcams to create real-time 3D avatar of each colleague, and real-time conversations and interactions will be made possible through the lightweight VR headset. DeskFlex is developing a Metaverse office, allowing remote employees to work, collaborate, meet, discuss in real-time with other office employees. Remote workers are able to enter into a vision representation of their office interacting with their co-workers who are working from of office as if they are there.

Unlike Video conferencing meetings or conferences, DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office will display 3D objects to enhance team collaboration.

Epazz-DeskFlex will be adding software and hardware products soon to jumpstart the DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office.

Epazz Founder, Director, and CEO Dr. Shaun Passley commented: “We saw the need for teams to collaborate in real-time and interact with their colleagues at work like they are in the actual office. What better way to do this than to extend DeskFlex into the MetaVerse to fill in the gaps?” he said.

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