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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — With extreme weather conditions taking place in the UAE, HVAC solutions remain crucial in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment regardless of outdoor conditions. Understanding the needs of businesses in durability, efficiency and design when it comes to air conditioning systems, LG Electronics (LG) offers LG VRF solutions that are among the most versatile and powerful air conditioners in the market, offering a cost-effective system and an easier installation for both indoor and outdoor units.

Unmatched Durability and Efficiency

LG VRF solutions incorporate a variety of exceptional features to ensure long-lasting, efficient performance. HiPORTM technology maximizes reliability and efficiency of the compressor, allowing the oil to be returned directly to the compressor instead of being returned through the refrigerant suction pipe. As a result, no energy is wasted when the oil flows between the separator, and compressor efficiency is not compromised. Moreover, a black coating with enhanced epoxy resin is applied for reliable protection against various corrosive external conditions, such as salt contamination and air pollution. This extends the lifespan of the air conditioning system and reduces operation and maintenance costs. Additionally, Auto Dust Removal technology removes dust on the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit, helping users operate air conditioners comfortably without malfunctions due to dust accumulation.

Exceptional Design and Flexible Installation

Designed to provide maximum efficiency while being seamlessly integrated into any facility, LG’s HVAC solutions include a variety of indoor and outdoor units to meet the design needs of different businesses. The Multi V5 large capacity outdoor unit, designed for high-rise buildings, minimizes installation space and significantly decreases overall installed weight, offering users more flexibility and space. Round Cassette styled in clean white and modern black provides a luxurious design perfect for hospitality facilities, while the Ceiling Suspended unit with its V-shaped design and black vane blends in seamlessly into any type of space.

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