Dubai Leading in Fair Trades

  • 2 years ago

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates — Dubai has firmly rooted as the leading hub for trade fairs, congresses, and other business events in the region of the Middle East and Africa. With 184 international events since September 2022 throughout the next year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is by far the most visited destination by business people in the region. Dubai then keeps the dominant position among other cities of the UAE with 135 events, according to

Dubai’s attractiveness to the trade show industry is confirmed by Fazzaco, one of the largest B2B financial information platforms. For the first time, Fazzaco organized a fair focused on trading at financial and capital markets, called Forex Expo, in Dubai. This added the jewel of the Emirates to the long-standing group of partner cities for major financial events. “We make nine events in Asia: Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, among other countries. In Dubai, it is the first time,” said Sherif Qura, Business Development manager of Fazzaco, to

Dubai’s growing popularity for investor meetings in the financial and investment services sector has been confirmed by large investment companies. “We have received an award for the best mobile trading broker at the Fazzaco Expo, but the main reason of our participation was that we are looking at the Dubai and UAE markets, considering our business development here,” told Evrula Papadopoulos, Executive Director of Wonderinterest Trading Ltd., which is one of the major brokers licensed in the EU.

With Dubai leading the way, the UAE is moving up to reach the top players of trade fair industry across Asia. According to, there is only China, India and Japan with more trade events scheduled, and considering the population, the UAE already seems to be the number 1 business sweetheart.

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