Chery Unveils ARRIZO 8: Introducing a Striking Dynamic Design and Alluring Aesthetics

  • 1 year ago

Dubai. United Arab Emirates — Earlier this year, ARRIZO 8 won the “Annual Fully Superior Family Sedan” award on the China Automobile Excellence List. As the brightest star in the sedan market since its debut, ARRIZO 8 has also won awards such as “2022 China Top 10 Car Body” and “2022 Spotlight of China Sedan”.

The ARRIZO 8 is a premium flagship product by Chery, designed for refined individuals aged between 30 and 45. It combines intelligence, luxury, and commercial appeal, showcasing Chery’s cutting-edge technological advancements. As a product dedicated to Chery’s further development and improvement, ARRIZO 8 has a wheelbase of 2790mm and a body length of 4780mm. Its extra-long body length reveals confidence in upgrading to the next level. For those who first see ARRIZO 8, its flagship features lie in its appearance.

With the “Art in Motion” design language, ARRIZO 8 showcases brilliant and captivating artwork. The dynamic body design with contrast colors, smooth flowing sliding back styling, and suspended roof with contrast colors, as well as dynamic and dazzling wheel rims and sports tails, all contribute to the ARRIZO 8’s dynamic posture, making it instantly memorable.

ARRIZO 8 has the aesthetic advantage of an elegant and commercial design. Highlighted by LED light clusters, it is also equipped with smart dynamic turn signals+VIP welcome lights. This can be described as an outstanding characteristic of its elegant appearance. As part of the “waving and dynamic” design language, the dual-lens LED high-low beam light cluster, which is standard across the whole series, not only has outstanding brightness at the same level but also features static steering auxiliary lights, which are activated automatically when steering, enhancing the visibility of the side at night from 30 to 60 degrees. ARRIZO 8 adopts a winged LED through-type taillight design with a functional configuration of dynamic turn signals and welcome lights, enhancing an impressive artistic sense and recognition.

ARRIZO 8’s interior is luxurious. With the suspended dual 12.3-inch LCD screens and flat-bottom three-spoke steering wheel, the vehicle instantly evokes a sense of luxury and high technology. The stepless ambient light can be adjusted synchronously according to driving and music speed. Its luxurious interior is comparable to top luxury automotive brands. Furthermore, the panel in front of the passenger seat incorporates the element of water grain in an innovative manner, giving it a sense of nobility.

As for the driving experience, the ARRIZO 8 leather seats are compared to first-class cars’ seats in terms of softness and comfort, while maintaining a feeling of support. In addition to adding to a sense of prestige, the blank-leaving perforations combined with quilting add a variety of surface textures to the seats.

ARRIZO 8 features a wide panoramic sunroof and a central armrest box with opposite doors for a luxurious interpretation. With its active self-cleaning, advanced fragrance system, and intelligent air purification, ARRIZO 8 creates a C-PURE clean cubic cabin, turning the car into a mobile oxygen bar. In addition, users can enjoy driving with SONY audio.

Consequently, ARRIZO 8 achieves outstanding quality and elegance thanks to the meticulous attention Chery pays to every detail in the design. It has won numerous major and well-deserved awards. With the launch of a brand-new strategic product, Chery has also fulfilled its promise of strengthening the sedan category and providing more options for global consumers.

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