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Dubai, United Arab Emirates — As part of the campaign “Life is Ready”, LG Electronics (LG) is offering a pre-summer deal that includes a free AC checkup for customers. This service will ensure that air conditioning units are in top condition and ready to keep homes and offices cool during the hot summer months. With LG’s Retrofit Solution and free AC checkups, customers can stay comfortable all summer long, without worrying about downtime or high energy costs. All in line with LG’s sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, as LG’s commitment is to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize waste throughout its production processes.

Life’s Ready, Life’s Good

LG’s Retrofit Solution is designed with energy efficiency in mind, which not only saves customers money on energy bills but also reduces overall energy consumption. LG’s Retrofit Solution comes with great benefits like providing better comfort as inverter air conditioners cool faster and maintain precise room temperature. LG’s retrofit solution can also reuse existing installation materials offering you quick and easy replacements. By upgrading your old air conditioners with LG’s energy efficient inverter conditioner, you will receive a special discount in addition to Free WiFi Dongle for smartphone connectivity, free annual maintenance contract for 1 year as well as special prices on new product installation. Additionally, LG offers eco-friendly disposal services for old air conditioning units to ensure that they are properly disposed of and do not harm the environment. By choosing LG for their air conditioning needs, customers will ensure taking a closer step to having a more sustainable future. With LG Electronics, staying cool this summer doesn’t have to come at the cost of the planet.

Keep your Air Conditioning Running Smoothly

Ensure your AC runs optimally with annual maintenance services from LG’s VRF maintenance package, designed for optimal efficiency. The basic package includes inspection, cleaning, and replacement services, while the premium package adds the BECON cloud service. The energy management package includes both the BECON cloud service and energy management service. Package configurations may vary by country and can be customized to suit customer needs upon request.

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