B2BinPay Updates Pricing, Website, Merchant Models, Adds Tokens

  • 2 years ago

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — B2BinPay, a premier crypto payment processing service provider, has introduced an upgrade to the commission structure, website, Enterprise, and Merchant models, as well as the solution itself. The company has also modified its fees and prices, making it much more affordable for businesses to use B2BinPay’s services.

Additionally, the website has also been updated for a smoother user experience. Besides these changes, B2BinPay’s platform has undergone numerous improvements and modifications.

Revisions to Pricing Plans

The B2BinPay team has made changes to solution pricing plans in order to provide consumers with a better value. The Merchant Models have seen a reduction in the percentage tiers and volume thresholds, which are now as follows:

B2BinPay has reduced the onboarding fee for Enterprise clients from $1,500 to just $1,000. Furthermore, the team has changed the percentage tiers for such consumers, saving them a significant amount of money. Below are the updated prices:

B2BinPay offers some of the lowest prices in the industry, with all outgoing transactions being free of charge. This offers excellent value to consumers and ensures that users get the most out of the solution.

Updated Website Design, Improved UI, and New Exciting Features

This new website was designed to provide visitors with valuable information in an easily digestible format. It features multiple pages with detailed information on all B2BinPay’s products and services.

A new design streamlines navigation and ensures that the most important information is available right away.

B2BinPay has created an in-depth guide to On-Chain and Off-Chain transactions. On-chain transactions occur on the blockchain, requiring confirmation by network participants. Though B2BinPay does not charge a commission for them, the associated blockchain fees must still be paid by the customers. Utilizing its proprietary technology, B2BinPay also enables Off-Chain transactions, which is a category of transactions occurring outside of the blockchain and taking place instantaneously at no charge at all. The resulting reduction in transaction times and blockchain fees is significant. Detailed information about On- and Off-Chain transactions can now be found on the B2BinPay website.

Furthermore, the “Available Currencies” page has been added to the website, giving customers the ability to explore over 80 available currencies. With this section, navigating the ever-growing list of supported coins becomes easier and faster.

The B2BinPay team has also added an FAQ page to the website to provide quick and accurate answers to users’ questions. The section contains a variety of questions ranging from services, functionality, security measures, and more.

Integrating blockchain payments into existing systems has never been easier or more secure, thanks to B2BinPay’s API. With just a few clicks, businesses can get all the required documents for setup in no time. The platform has recently undergone some major updates as well, featuring such useful additions as Merchant Invoice Limits, Delta Amount, Cardano (ADA) support, as well as several usability and optimization enhancements.

More Tokens Are Available

B2BinPay has significantly broadened the scope of its supported assets for Merchant and Enterprise models by introducing over 100 new cryptocurrencies, including WBTC, ANKR, GALA, IMX, and many more.

Enhanced Merchant Models

B2BinPay has taken a major step to improve its services for clients by revamping its model options. Now, the company provides three different models — Enterprise, Merchant (Fiat Settlement), and Merchant (Crypto Settlement). Customers selecting the latter can open virtual wallets in USDT, USDC, and BTC.

Bottom Line

In the last year, the B2BinPay team has worked hard to enhance the user-friendliness and affordability of their platform for clients. With a sleek website design and improved features, B2BinPay is a perfect solution for companies who want to begin using cryptocurrency payments. The company provides competitive fees, which give customers leeway to find a pricing model that suits them best. Whether small or large, all businesses can rely on the B2BinPay’s swift, protected, and dependable payment processing solution.

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