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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — You won’t be missing out on any game during this year’s football season which can be enjoyed at all times, especially during your lunch breaks! With LG’s LED Signage collection from LG Electronics, you can turn your workspace into the ultimate destination to watch the on-going matches of your favorite football teams. LG’s LED Signage is designed to showcase next-level imagery that reflects the passion of the game and immerses you in the depth of it, to satisfy your viewing experience by amusing your sense of sight and hearing.

An All-in-one Package
Your office setup for this year’s football season will be accompanied by the best LED screen from LG’s LAEC series which includes an embedded controller and built-in speaker that provides enriched content with sound effects without the need for purchasing or installing external speakers. Aside from that, saving you from the hassle of the configuration process as it doesn’t require controller connections or module configuration. After a simple installation process, all you need to do is to turn on the screen with a remote control. Take a break and enjoy watching the game with a higher level of transparency by 4 times higher definition picture quality than Full HD with an easy, fast way of shifting the screen back into work mode and presentations.

A Combination of Work & Entertainment
When talking about TV’s, we often consider one place which is the living room, this isn’t the case with LG’s LAEC series as they are specialized with their dedicated installation accessories that enable you to easily place it depending on your installation sites. This means that you’ll be able to gather along with your colleagues in any spacious spot within the office and enjoy the football season. LG’s LED Signage collection’s slim design increases the screen’s immersive experience and provides a sophisticated design. Watching the game won’t force you from leaving the office, in fact, you’ll be able to execute your work normally while watching the game. The motorized stand is provided as an option, with this stand, you can adjust the height of the screen including the stand from 2.0 m to 2.5 m enabling you to enjoy a great brightness of 500 cd/m², UM5J series which is the ultimate display.
No limitations when it comes to enjoying your viewing experience with LG’s LAEC series.

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