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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Across the Gulf, member countries are implementing visions and plans for a sustainable future for the region. It is a movement that is asking all stakeholders to engage, whether a multinational company or an individual, everyone plays an essential role. With large scale projects and builds essential to vision achievement, companies are being asked to prioritize materials that foster innovative and creative solutions to today’s sustainable challenges. At Retrofit Tech Summit that took place in Doha, technology innovators came together to present and discuss solutions to increase energy efficiency and achieve sustainability through retrofit. LG Electronics (LG) was one of the key participants of the summit, demonstrating its responsibilities in promoting innovative solutions that can maximize positive environmental growth.

Future-Proof HVAC Investment
The benefits of implementing retrofit solutions can vastly contribute towards a sustainable future and to investment over time. As other air conditioners with non-inverter compressors have huge maintenance cost due to repeated breakdowns, which leads to money lost and jeopardizes peace of mind. In addition to that, high energy consumption leads to high bills. With LG Retrofit Solutions, such problems are easily solved thanks to the inverter compressing system that always provides comfortable cooling, less maintenance, smart remote control, and lower energy cost.

Easily Replace and Upgrade Air Conditioner with Benefits
For existing builds seeking to upgrade technology for greater energy efficiency LG Retrofit Solution can be used to replace indoor and outdoor units with ease. What’s more, LG can examine existing materials such as pipes, power lines, and breakers to determine what can be reused in the upgrade. This reduces waste, costs and installation times while eliminating the need for intrusive construction. LG Inverter Compressor brings an entirely different level of energy saving to residential air solutions and maximizes energy efficiency by automatically adjusting the operation range once it reaches a set temperature. It not only provides world-class energy efficiency but also improves cooling comfort.

ESG Commitments
Providing LG retrofit solutions is just one of the ways the company is maximizing its positive environmental value. Accordingly, LG have set detailed tasks and targets to promote a strategic objective under its ESG vision of “Life’s Good”. Moving forward, LG Electronics will use its ESG goals as a foundation to pursue sustainability between the company and society and do its utmost to create economic and social value.

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